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POD Point chosen to help create UK's first centralised EV charging network

Aims to bring EV charging to more streets than ever before...

Electric vehicle charging software and hardware specialist POD Point has been selected by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to help develop a cross-region charging solution which allows members to charge their vehicles at any participating chargepoints across the country.

Currently, motorists have a choice of schemes which they can sign up to but this might not allow them access to chargepoints in other regions, many of which are currently operated as separate schemes.

Recognising that this could prove problematic to motorists, Making the Connection, the Plug-In Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy set out how interoperability of schemes would be improved. POD Point will be developing the Central Whitelist, a nationwide system that will allow members to use chargepoints in other regions via a 'roaming' agreement.

The new system will work alongside a centralised database of chargepoints across the country called The National Chargepoint Registry, which POD Point have also been selected to develop.

Flora Heathcote, Commercial Director at POD Point said;

"POD Point is delighted to be selected to enable the creation of a truly national UK public charge point network. POD Point already run the software systems for many of the regional public charge networks in the UK and recognise the need to integrate these into one interoperable, nationwide network.

This project will ensure that all EV drivers have access to the many public charge points installed throughout the UK - which under the government's Plugged in Places scheme offer free charging to members for a nominal membership fee."

In an official announcement last week, Transport Minister Norman Baker said;

"The Central Whitelist offers charging scheme operators a really straightforward way to share membership card details - it will enable their members to access chargepoints outside their 'home' charging scheme. This freedom to roam between charging schemes is a very important step forward for the plug-in vehicle market."

"There is no doubt that low-carbon vehicles are here to stay, we will continue to work with industry to create a world-leading charging network that really reflects the needs of its users."

In the same announcement, Business Minister Mark Prisk also said;

"The National Chargepoint Registry delivers our commitment to make it easier for motorists considering ultra low carbon cars to access charge points and so encourage their take-up.

"This is a real opportunity for companies to use the data in innovative ways while meeting consumer demand for information which will help them get to their destinations."

 Both systems are due to go live early next year.

Images courtesy of POD Point

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