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Fantastic driver's-eye footage of F1 car released

Ever wanted to know what it's like to drive an F1 car? Well now you can get closer than ever before...

What would be the best possible way to exprience what a F1 driver sees or feels when driving a Formula 1 race car? Drive one yourself, naturally, but the vast majority of people reading this will never find themselves behind the wheel of a Formula 1 race car. In fact probably 99.9% won't.

So Lucas di Grassi, former driver for Virgin Racing and now the official test driver for Pirelli, fitted a camera to his helmet and set out for a lap at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

While using the first ever eye-level camera in a Formula 1 car, Lucas had to drive with only one eye open as the camera was blocking his other eye, quite tricky but still he managed to put in a good lap and give us a real taste of what it's like to pilot one of the fastest machines in the world.

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