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Are Red Bull the most fun F1 team?

We think so! Video proof inside...

Red Bull are on the top of their game in F1 at the moment - 2 consecutive World Drivers Championship courtesy of Sebastian Vettel and well on their way for their second consecutive Manufacturers Championship too. But Red Bull have an image unlike any other F1 team - they're 'Cool'.

That's a very overused word, but Red Bull deserve it, with more PR stunts than you can shake a stick at roping in celebrities and F1 drivers they're just really good fun to watch. So on with the videos:

First up, we have the latest video celebrating F1's return to America, with David Coulthard driving the F1 Showcar on the ranch and goes off-road onto the under-construction Circuit of the Americas track:

Next, the F1 Showcar takes driven by movie star Tom Cruise, showing that he really is irritatingly good at everything he tries:

And finally, they take the F1 Showcar 18,280 feet to the top of the highest drivable road in the world in the Himalayas:

All silly stuff really, but with their incredible cinematography and soundtracks we just can't help liking them!

Videos courtesy of Red Bull Racing

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