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Lamborghini reveals the Egoista concept

Thought the Veneno was mental? Think again...

Lamborghinis have always been the crazier looking of the two Italian supercar manufacturers. The Countach shocked the world when it was released, as did the Diablo, Murcielago and Aventador in subsequent years. But lately Lamborghini seem to be trying to shock without any real substance to their designs.

When they revealed the Sesto Elemento in 2010 everyone wowed at the design, which was really out there but kept the Lambo design language that we love. Fast forward to 2013 and they revealed the Veneno at the Geneva Motor Show. Hmm, certainly outrageous but also completely unusable and destined to sit in a few collections, getting passed around at auction in years to come. It was a brash design, looking as if it had been styled after a Japanese Manga comic car. But as it was based on the Aventador it still had the basic proportions which looked good and you could imagine it with numbers on the side at Le Mans which was pretty cool.

Now though, Lamborghini have revealed a concept car and we’re sorry to say, but we think it looks awful. Created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lamborghini and named ‘Egoista’ the concept was revealed at the end of the celebrations in Bologna this weekend to a room of slightly over excited Italians. Apparently inspired by the Apache helicopter, the Egoista has a central, single seater ‘cockpit’ with a canopy that rises up for entry. All very fancy, but looking around the car we just can’t help think it’s, well….. ugly. The front end has a three-pronged look, while the proportions are all wrong when viewed from the side. Maybe it’s just us and we’re getting old and boring, but we genuinely think Lamborghini could have done more, and better for their 50th Anniversary.

There is potential tech within this concept though, as the Egoista uses a 592 bhp version of the 5.2 litre V10 seen in the current LP560. Hopefully this points the way to the powerplant going into its replacement, along with the carbon fibre tech that brings the Egoista’s weight down to under 1000 kg.

Images courtesy of Lamborghini

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