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Is this the most Italian car ever?

For sale in Sweden...

What you see above is quite possibly the most Italian car in the world. The only way it could be more Italian is if it were actually broken down with a pizza and a bottle or Peroni on the roof.

For sale in Swedish dealership, Autoropa, this 458 ITALIA! (we added the capitals and exclamation mark for effect) is actually black, but the clever sales types have given it a full vinyl wrap of the Italian flag. That’s the full red, white and green all the way down the length of the car.

And you know what? We think it looks brilliant. Ferrari’s are supposed to be flamboyant and this one is no exception. The interior has been given a little makeover too, with Italian flags embroidered on the headrests.

And the price for this 2011 model with just 406km on the clock? €220,000.


Images courtesy of Autoropa

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