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The wonderful world of Supercar Configurators

Do not read if you have anything important to do today...

We all like to dream. Let’s face it; you wouldn’t be a car enthusiast if you didn’t like to dream.

So what better way to indulge our fantasies than by spending an hour (or ten) playing around on one of the many Supercar manufacturers’ websites configuring your imaginary perfect car?

Choose your exterior colour, wheels, body options, interior colours, spec, everything – the variations run into the hundreds of thousands. They all have them now – Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Porsche, Bentley, Maserati. In fact the only company sorely missing one is Lamborghini – so get to work on it you lot in Sant ‘Agata!

Aston Martin recently changed theirs, which is a shame because it’s not as fluid or extensive as the old one, but it’s still a nice place to spend some time. There’s a new configurator from crazy Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg which allows every colour under the sun and renders in very nice images. McLaren allows you to play with your favourite colour schemes for their amazing MP4-12C and you can go crazy on Ferrari’s 458 Spider if you so wish. And let’s not forget that you can do a basic spec of the new F12 Berlinetta – all 730 bhp of it…

The Porsche site has a great configurator. Currently there is the new 991 coupe and convertible to play with, along with the latest Boxster too. They’ve also just introduced a full 3D option too which gives even more detail to your fantasies. Unlike most, the Porsche configurator also has full pricing on the option, which means great fun finding out that you can buy a Porsche Boxster (the cheapest Porsche) for nearly £80,000 if you spec it up!

A new treat comes in the form of the Morgan configurator – spec a 3-Wheeler in full WW2 Airforce colours, or just make your perfect Aero Coupe. Heaven.

Of course there’s just as much fun designing the most hideous colour combo you can find – most of which will have been ordered by someone somewhere, probably in China or the UAE.

So here is our selection of the best car configurators currently available, enjoy!

McLaren MP4-12C Configurator

Ferrari 458 Spider Configurator

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Configurator

Koenigsegg Agera R 2013 Configurator

Morgan Aero Coupe Configurator

Morgan 3-Wheeler Configurator

Porsche Range Configurator

Bugatti Veyron Configurator

Maserati Configurator

Bentley Configurator

Aston Martin Configurator –(go to each car individually to configure)

Oh, and we’re very sorry for ruining any productivity you had today…


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