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Incredible Maserati 250F re-creation launched

Introducing the Tipo 250...

Deep in the belly of rural Nottingham the calm and quiet is broken by the snarling rasp of an exhaust note combined with pops and bangs on the over-run. Dog-walkers whip their heads around to find where the noise is coming from and are greeted by the sight of a classic 1957 Maserati 250F bearing down upon them, a flash of red bodywork and wire wheels. Or is it?

In this case, no, it isn't. What they are looking at is the brainchild of Andy Peace, and is a turnkey re-creation of that classic Maserati called the Tipo 250.

Andy Peace has always loved the 250F, watching it racing, hearing the stories of Fangio and Moss driving one within an inch of crashing, even just looking at images of the Italian beauty, much like many petrolheads have done throughout the years. What makes him different from the rest though, is that he decided to set about making one for himself, especially wise given that the remaining 250F's sell for around $2-3,000,000 these days.

7 years later and the Tipo 250 is born. As faithful to the original design as possible the Tipo 250 has been built utilising BMW mechanicals making it both useable and affordable. To suit the home enthusiast and in keeping with the original, the engine is a BMW 2.5 litre straight six, running three weber carburettors. This makes the Tipo 250 very straight forward to maintain and exploit’s the established reliability of BMW mechanicals. An incredible exhaust system exits at the side of the car just like the original and makes a truly inspirational noise, which can be heard in this short but spine-tingling video:

The bodywork is all aluminium and is near identical to the original Maserati, meaning it is truly stunning - stop in your tracks, mouth open stunning. There are 16" wire wheels; given the smallest of cycle wings as a nod to legislation, disc brakes all round, a five speed Getrag gearbox, Double wishbone front & rear suspension with coil over shocks, all held together by a tubular steel chassis.

What you end up with is a car that is as faithful to the original 1957 250F as possible, but with more modern construction and performance. And Andy Peace wants the cars to be a truly bespoke product, too. The best aspect of the Tipo 250 is also the one that people tend not to believe - it's actually road legal. Take a look at the shot of the nose and you'll see headlights, little indicators at the sides and then at the rear a couple of rear lights too. So you can drive this beautiful exotic on your favourite B-road with the addition of a couple of number plates.

"Every car we build will be strictly to order and, whereas we have a ‘standard’ specification, we are more than happy to discuss any particular requirements you may have, whether it be engine, transmission, or whatever and because we love what we do, we would rather discuss it over a bonnet than a laptop." says Peace.

The 'standard' car will cost around £75,000 ready to drive. We wish the Tipo 250 the best of luck, as he deserves every success.

Images and video courtesy of Tipo 250.

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