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2nd Hand Spotlight: Maserati 3200 GT

Anyone got any brave pills?...

A twin turbo V8 Maserati coupe for under £10,000 – what could go wrong?

Okay, a lot. A really really large amount. But this sort of car is never going to be a daily driver, so keep it for weekends and special occasions and it’ll be fine. Mostly.

So why would you risk all the financial issues an older Maserati could bring? Just look at it. Take in a moment to drink it the images above – the low nose, the slim Maserati grille with the trident badge, the gently swelling arches, the tapering pert rear with arguably the sexiest rear lights to ever grace a car. These are what make this car special – the US market didn’t like it apparently so when 3200 became 4200 the gorgeous ‘boomerang’ rear lights were replaced by boring triangular units.

Under the curvaceous bonnet lies a 3.2 litre twin turbo V8 producing 370 bhp and 362 lb/ft of torque, connected to the rear wheels via a six speed manual gearbox in the case of this 2001 3200 GT we found. It’s done 64,000 miles, but it’s had the all-important cambelt change done in the last 10k so there shouldn’t be too many surprises lying around the corner.

It looks glorious with the dark green exterior and beige interior – a classy colour scheme that works with the wood trim inside.

The thing is, it might be a potential money pit, but we don’t care – nothing looks as good or carries as much cache for the money...

Images courtesy of Auto Trader

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