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2nd Hand Spotlight: Audi TT Coupe

They can't be this cheap, can they?...

The Audi TT has to be one of the most widely mocked cars on the planet after the Mazda MX-5, for its apparent ‘hairdresser’s car’ status. Mainly this is because it was a very stylish car that was bought originally by people in the style and design field, but those who dismiss it because of that are truly missing out on one of the best cars of the last 20 years.

No, it won’t set your soul alight like a Lotus Elise or a Ferrari, but as a quick, stylish, well built coupe to drive every day and appreciate, it’s unrivalled in these eyes. The TT was a real design icon when released and it’s quite telling that it hasn’t aged, in fact we think it looks even better now than it did in 1999. The tight geometric lines and stance certainly look better than the Mk2 that replaced it, which makes the prices that these have now dropped to even more amazing.

We’ve found a 2001 225 bhp TT Coupe with 80,000 miles for a paltry £3,890. Okay, that looks a little pricey compared to the RX-8 we posted in March, but these are very different cars. The TT is robust and super stylish where the Mazda is certainly an acquired taste.

You’re not short on spec with the TT either – 225 bhp 1.8 Turbo engine, four wheel drive, xenon headlights, full blue leather, not to mention it has an extensive service history with a recent cambelt service. You really could jump in this TT and drive it for a year with very little to spend on it, enjoying the stylish looks and sure footed handling all year round. They’re even surprisingly practical – with the rear seats folded the boot area is very usable.

So there you go – a cheap, powerful, all-weather stylish coupe. What’s not to like?

Images courtesy of Auto Trader

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