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2nd Hand Spotlight: Alfa Romeo Brera V6

3.2 V6 + 4wd + Alfa looks = fun motoring!

The first of these 2nd Hand Spotlight articles was about a rather lovely and incredibly cheap Alfa Romeo GTV V6, featuring the legendary 3.0 V6 engine. Well this week we’re back to Alfa again, but this time with something a lot more modern.

The GTV was replaced by the 159-based Brera coupe in 2005 and some say it fell at the first hurdle by not being as pretty. But that’s like trying to produce a new leading lady after Marilyn Monroe – not an easy task. Instead Alfa went for a more butch look, taking the undeniably pretty nose of the 159 and mating it to a hatchback-coupe like rear end that always looks awkward if not on 18” wheels.

There were a variety of engines available from a wheezy 2.0 litre petrol to a rather useful 2.4 litre diesel with over 200 bhp. But if you want an Alfa Romeo coupe, you want to have a petrol V6 under the bonnet and the Brera offered this too – a 3.2 litre V6 with 260 bhp. And it is this engine which powers this example which we feature today – a 2007 Brera 3.2 V6 JTS Q4 SV with just 32,000 miles on the clock.

This Brera isn’t in the most inspiring colour – red or blue suits it better – but we’ve gone for spec and condition this week as the defining factors. This Brera cost around £32,000 5 years ago, which is pretty savage depreciation. But it really is loaded with extras – this coupe has 4 wheel drive to help put the power down, lovely 18” alloys, full soft leather for the interior and a panoramic sunroof which frees up a little more headroom inside.

The Brera does a pretty good job of handling B-Roads with tight, secure handling but we’ll admit that it doesn’t feel like it has 260 bhp nor does 0-62 mph in 6.8 seconds. This is mainly down to the weight and engine mapping, but as a daily driver with sporting intentions the interior is a lovely place to sit, and while not as vocal as the older V6 engine the new GM-derived V6 makes a nice noise too.

Later in its life Prodrive got involved to create the Brera S, which addressed some of the handling and performance issues and it was received very well in the motoring press. These were a few thousand more when released but can be had for around £700 more if you don’t mind it having done 100,000 miles. Lower mileage S’s are around £11,000.

But for us, we’d take the normal V6 and drive around in a lovely looking coupe with a great interior and creamy V6 engine, all for just £8k. Another bargain.

Images courtesy of Auto Trader

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