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2nd Hand Spotlight: Range Rover TD6

Best car in the world for Fiesta money...

One of the most impressive new cars of 2012 was the all-new Range Rover, with stylish looks combining with peerless luxury, off road ability and limo-like ride quality. But the new Rangey starts at around £70,000 and can rise to well over £100,000 if you spec it nicely.

However the model that precedes it, going out of production in 2012, started life in 2002 and those models can now be had for the price of a base Fiesta. Intrigued? We were, and we found this rather nice 2002 Range Rover TD6.

Being a big old lump of car (2.7 tonnes to be precise) you may want to consider economy, so although a diesel engine may not sit well with the luxury crowd, it actually suits the character of the Range Rover very well, with lots of torque to waft about on. In the original RR of 2002, the diesel engine was a BMW-sourced 3.0 straight six producing 174 bhp - not really going to set the world on fire then, but it means that you can waft around with a combined economy of 25 mpg which isn’t too bad.

It’s only done 52,000 miles (very low for a 10 year old car) and comes in the very classy combo of a silver exterior with black leather interior. Ah yes, the interior. You won’t find a better interior this side of a Bentley, and to find it on something costing just £11,000 (after a haggle) is incredible. What you get for that £11k is a car that looks, to most people, exactly like the £60,000 model that has only just been replaced. Buy a private plate for a few hundred pounds and nobody would be any wiser.

Of course some people are repulsed by the idea of a diesel Range Rover, and those people can save quite a bit of money, too. If you opt to go for the rather lovely 4.4 litre V8 petrol engine as your choice of power (with an extra 100 bhp), you can save a lot of money. This 2002 4.4 HSE is up for just £8995, so you could probably get it for £8500, meaning you save around £2500 over the diesel model. Let’s do a little man-maths to try and justify the V8 shall we?

Going off the average mileage of these two cars, Average Joe does 5,000 miles per year in a car like this. The TD6 does 25 mpg at £1.40/litre. The V8 does 17.4 mpg at £1.30/litre. So, over a year you would spend on fuel: 3.0 TD6 – £1271, 4.4 V8 - £1695

So with only a £424 per year saving on the TD6 but a £2500 higher asking price, you would effectively get 5 years of lovely V8 petrol motoring for the same price as buying the TD6, plus a little for servicing. As an added benefit, the 4.4 V8 engine is said to be much more reliable than the TD6, with cheaper servicing. It’s worth noting that neither model, despite being HSE trim has the built-in SatNav/TV screen, but don’t worry about this – on these older models the SatNav will be hopelessly outdated and the TV will be analogue, therefore won’t work anymore. Best to just stick a TomTom on the screen for £150.

So, your 4.4 litre V8 Range Rover awaits. What’s stopping you?

Images courtesy of Auto Trader

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