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2nd Hand Spotlight: the £5k Porsche Boxster

Performance bargain of the year?

How much does fun cost? In the case of this article, around £5000. For that’s how much we’ve seen this Porsche Boxster S for sale on eBay, representing one of the best performance car bargains we’ve ever seen.

Okay, it may have almost 100,000 miles, but with the decent service history it has there’s no reason to think it’ll fall apart or break down on you. After all, this was a £40,000 Porsche and has the reputation of a legendary company on its shoulders so couldn’t have been made with short-cuts.

What you do get for your £5450 (we reckon that could be a flat £5k with some haggling) is an incredibly pretty 2 seat mid-engined convertible in stunning Lapis Blue paintwork and a black leather interior. It has the correct manual gearbox (not the awful Tiptronic) and the lovely 17” alloys that won’t ruin the ride. Oh yes, and there’s that engine.

3.2 litres of flat-six cylinder aural pleasure, putting out 252 bhp which is enough for 0 – 62 mph in 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 163 mph. It’ll even manage 36 mpg on the motorway.

Sure, there are a few cheaper ones out there, but none look as well presented as this one. And the simple fact is, as ex-Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson used to say – “stick a private plate on it and people will think you’ve paid 3 times the asking price”. Too true, Quentin.

Images courtesy of eBay


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